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Health plans for small business

A fresh take on health coverage

Small businesses can choose from a suite of plans with coverage comparable to the largest national plans — and only pay for the healthcare services that their employees need.

This saves businesses up to 25% in cost compared to similar plans.

  • Full suite of integrated medical and Rx plans, including HDHP
  • Free, unlimited telemedicine
  • Full scope of member advocacy services
  • Health services and case management
  • Employer portal to manage benefits at any time
  • Member portal to track and manage benefits
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Billing and reconciliation
  • Compliance services

Navigator Plans

Navigator Plans offer both PPO and value-based pricing (VBP) options. Plus, employees get access to Care Advocates who can help them find care, often with a $0 copay.

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Navigator PPO

Care Advocates

Navigator PPO Plans

With a three-tier benefit structure, employees get the flexibility to choose care that best fits their health and financial needs.

Care Advocates

The cost of care at hospitals and facilities can be expensive for both members and employers. Care Advocates can negotiate cost with providers, often with a $0 copay.


PPO Prime

Large provider network with low copays and zero coinsurance for most physicians and ancillary care.


PPO Choice

Lowest annual deductible options with low coinsurance for most physicians and ancillary care.


PPO Advantage HDHP

Affordable annual deductibles with zero coinsurance benefits after deductibles are met.


PPO Value

Low annual deductibles with coinsurance benefits after deductibles are met.

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Navigator VBP

Navigator VBP Plans

Navigator Value-Based Pricing (VBP) Plans use negotiated pricing to reduce the cost of benefits up to 40% when compared to traditional PPO networks.



Unlike traditional PPO health plans that limit hospital access, VBP allows patients the ability to select any hospital or facility they choose by connecting with a Care Advocate.



VBP High-Deductible Health Plans (VBP HDHP) offer the same features as Navigator VBP Plans but with a lower premium equivalent and higher deductible.

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Essential Plans

Essential Plans provide a broad range of affordable coverage options, while avoiding potential tax penalties for both the employer and their employees.

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Dental and Vision Plans

Choose from a suite of Dental and Vision Plans that include coverage for preventive care, eyeglasses, and contact lenses with low annual deductibles.

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