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It's time for health coverage to turn over a new leaf.

Who we are

Peoni is on a mission to make affordable and predictable healthcare accessible for small businesses. With a suite of level-funded health plans to choose from that allow organizations to only pay for the healthcare services that their employees need and use, businesses can save up to 25% versus other group health plans with comparable benefits.

For small business

The Peoni difference

We brought together experts in insurance administration, pharmacy, healthcare, and technology to reimagine the healthcare experience for small businesses.

The result: a wide selection of flexible plans that cost less and are easy to understand and manage.

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How it works

Level-funded plans draw on the best features of both self-funded plans and traditional insurance by:

Delivering lower costs

associated with self-funded plans

Providing predictability

with fixed monthly payments

Protecting small businesses

from unanticipated costs through secondary coverage

Enabling employers

to keep 100% of any surplus at the end of the year

Real people. Real stories.

Read real-life stories of how we’ve helped make affordable and predictable healthcare accessible for employers and members.

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Ready to get started?

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