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Level-funded plans designed for small businesses.

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Great plans are an easy sell

Peoni makes it easier for brokers to quote and contract level-funded plans that are simple for employers to understand, afford, and manage.

What makes Peoni different?

100% surplus return

Unlike other level-funded plans, if actual claim costs are lower than projected at the end of the year, employers can keep 100% of the surplus or apply it to future healthcare costs.

Nationwide provider network

Plans include a robust nationwide provider network, along with regional and tailored options.

Coverage reimagined

We brought together experts in insurance administration, healthcare, and technology to reimagine the healthcare experience for small businesses.

The result: a wide selection of flexible plans that cost less and are easy to understand and manage.

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Marketing materials designed for brokers

We put together a series of marketing documents to help brokers keep their book of business blooming.

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Interested in seeing how Peoni can help your clients?

Interested in seeing how Peoni can help your clients?

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