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A suite of level-funded health plans is offered that cost up to 25% less than comparable plans and return 100% of unspent funds. Medical, prescription, dental, and vision administration services are available.

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Level-funded plans take into account the health of each employee and avoid some of the red tape associated with traditional insurance. Because of this, they typically cost less for employers and employees.

Level-funded plans give employers a predictable, flat monthly fee. And if expenses are higher than projected, plans have built-in secondary insurance, known as medical stop-loss coverage, to help protect organizations.

What if costs come in lower than expected? Employers get 100% of the claims account surplus. Period.

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There are several reasons, including:

  • The health of employees is taken into account when rates are set
  • The model is subject to fewer government mandates, such as premium taxes, than typical health insurance
  • If actual costs are less than projected, employers keep 100% of the claims account surplus
  • If there are higher-than-expected costs, plans include stop-loss insurance, backed by a respected carrier, that safeguards employers

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During the application process, employees fill out HIPAA-compliant health forms that are used to help establish the lowest rates possible.

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For employers

Peoni is on a mission to make affordable, predictable, and simple healthcare accessible for small businesses. With plans that allow organizations to only pay for the healthcare services that their employees need and use, businesses save up to 25% on cost versus other plans with comparable benefits.

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A full suite of integrated medical and pharmacy plans is available, including HDHP, so that you can find the right coverage for your employees. Plus, PPO and VBP plans offer access to Care Advocates who can help members find care at hospitals and facilities at reduced costs – even down to a $0 copay in some cases.

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Plans include access to a robust nationwide provider network through the Provider Network of America (PNOA), along with regional options. And employers and members can nominate providers to be added to their network.

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Plans have built-in secondary insurance, known as medical stop-loss coverage, that kicks in if employers get higher-than-expected costs.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay for healthcare that you don’t use. So, if your healthcare costs come in lower than projected, employers get up to 100% of the claims account surplus to keep or put towards the next year.

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Yes, plans must be coordinated through a broker.

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For brokers

Not only can employers pick from a fully integrated and flexible portfolio of services, Peoni is working to make it easier for brokers to quote, contract, and manage employer groups.

After you fill out the broker welcome form, we will send you all the information you need to start the appointment process. Once you submit your documentation, you can be appointed in as little as 5 days.

Additional resources are available on our broker marketing tools page.

Yes! After registering with Verdegard, general agents can enroll or manage business on a broker’s behalf.

Plans are administered by Verdegard, a respected provider of health plan administration services since 1981.

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